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Hiilei Aloha, LLC and WHHA Provides 2nd Training Session for Molokai Homestead and Community Leaders PDF Print E-mail

Waimanalo, Hawaii

 Hiilei Aloha, LLC a non-profit affiliate subsidiary of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) and Waimanalo Hawaiian Homes Association (WHHA) will be following up with "Project Action Planning" a second training session this weekend (December 14th) on Molokai meeting with Hawaiian homestead and community leadership focusing on project planning.

"We're excited to continue our partnership with Hiilei Aloha, LLC  and especially sharing our knowledge and experiences as a community-based organization with the people of Molokai especially the Hawaiian homestead and community leaders," commented Paul Richards.

The "Project Acion Planning" workshops were first held in April 2013 and focused on the following:

Projects come in all shapes and sizes. Some projects are small enough that you just do them; you form an idea, design, plan the work and manage the whole project in your head. Some projects are larger in scope and more complicated. These projects take varying amounts of development, processes, decision making, planning, communication, management and resources. Join us for a fun and dynamic workshop to help you get organized and focused to move your project forward. By the end of this training, participants will have tools to outline their project scope, budget and timeline; ways to keep things on track as you implement; and ideas on what to do when the project stalls or gets stuck.

"The one all-day workshop will include components of the Project Planning section of the Ford Institute Leadership Program (FILP) curriculum which was presented and completed to Hawaiian homestead and community leaders in 2011 in Waimanalo, Oahu and 2012 in Hilo, Hawaii and will begin in January 2014 in Kahului, Maui," continued Mr. Richards.  

"We are very grateful and appreciative of the work that Hiilei Aloha, LLC does for us especially working with Gigi Cairel.  Also, WHHA recognizes the Harold K. L. Castle Foundation for their financial support and grant funding that made this training possible with the prospect of having three (3) fully certified FILP trainers - facilitators from WHHA at the conclusion of the Wailuku, Maui work sessions."


 Hi‘ilei Aloha LLC is a non-profit subsidiary of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA), a state agency formed through the State Constitutional Convention in 1978. Hi‘ilei Aloha’s mission is to identify, promote, develop, and support culturally-appropriate, sustainable opportunities that benefit Native Hawaiians.

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