Emergency Preparedness Continues as Hurricane Season Arrives PDF Print E-mail

Waimanalo, Hawaii

CERT or Community Emergency Response Team led by Waimanalo homesteader Frencha Kalilimoku and her husband, Calvin emergency preparedness  ranging from the recent "sanitation" practices during times when electrical and water access interrupting normal services.

"We are normally prepared for water storage; however, sanitation needs are vital and important for residents to seriously consider planning and preparing for how to handling and safely storing trash, garbage including human waste during difficult times." counseled Althea Watanabe and her husband Vernon before an audience of 50 residents.

Particularly, Althea cautioned residents to prepare for the separation of feces and urine as to avoiding the eventual stench when both are combined and instead should be separated.  Modern day products allow and can conveniently convert liquids to manageable hard solid waste form to easily dispose safely and convenient.

For more information, contact Frencha or stay informed with the next workshop or Emergency Preparedness Fair. 

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