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Removing Your Name from the Kana'iolowalu Registry
Monday, 05 March 2012

Waimanalo, Hawaii

The Waimanalo Hawaiian Homes Association (WHHA) has always been a supporter of the self-governance movement as a former member of the State Council of Hawaiian Homestead Association (SCHHA) and now as a member of Auamo I Na Alaka'i or AINA. The recognition by the State of Hawaii of the Native Hawaiian population has added some or at least more credence to the existing fact of the inhabitants of the Hawaiian islands and we do appreciate the effort.

However, the sudden rush to "enroll" and then "to auto enroll" others who were previously registered on OHA previous efforts were not questioned as much as the "special session concerning marriage equity."   For this reason, the discussions within the communities were not as "robust" or even on several attempts to arrange guest speakers, a "no show" or others appeared still not gaining the confidence of the community "at all."

Until we are further satisfied, the choice is now up to those who had been previously enrolled in Kau Inoa that you are now a part of Kana'iolowalu.  

To "remove your name" use the following link.  Don't be fooled by the guise that a contact will be made, but take the initiative to send a short statement with your signature via certified mail to remove your name"

To do so, http://kokua.kanaiolowalu.org/support/solutions/articles/148799-removal-from-kana-iolowalu-registry.  Click on the "Removal Request Form" on the right side of the first sentence in the announcement.

We can always re-register if you change your mind, you have at leat till mid January 2014.  

For information on State Recognition, read the following article at this weblink:






Waimanalo Hawaiian Homes Association (WHHA) and its membership were given this article in 2006 to study and have provided opportunities to discuss its relevance and continue to provide opportunities for others to discuss this matter within their 'ohana, community and organizations.


Chaminade University Accepting Applications for Native Hawaiian Scholarships
Monday, 11 July 2011




Residents of the Waimanalo Hawaiian homestead area including others from Kaupe'a received and were awarded scholarships to attend the undergraduate program at Chamindate University.  This oppotunity was provided through the "hard work" and "efforts" put forth by Dr. Henry Gomes, a former Chaminade University admnistrator and chemistry professor.

"We encourage every homestead student graduating from their high school to complete and submit an application for consideration to attend Chaminade during the Fall 2014 session."  encourage WHHA President, Paul Richards.

Chaminade University is now accepting applications for scholarships from eligible students of Native Hawaiian ancestry for the academic year of 2014 to 2015. Chaminade currently offers three educational opportunity grants, which include a $1,500 scholarship in addition to institutional aid eligibility based on students' G.P.A. Open to first-year and transfer students, the scholarships are as follows:

  • Department of Hawaiian Homelands Student Educational Opportunity Grant Scholarship, offered to students living on Hawaiian homestead lands. 
  • Na Lei Na`auao Student Educational Opportunity Grant Scholarship, offered to graduates of the Na Lei Na`auao Charter School
  • Kula Kaiapuni Student Educational Opportunity Grant Scholarship, offered to graduates of Kula Kaiapuni, or Hawaiian Language Immersion schools. 

For more details on these scholarships, call Chaminade's Office of Native Hawaiian Partnerships at (808) 735-4750. 

Or go to: http://www.chaminade.edu/native_hawaiian 


"Chaminade University's commitment to the Native Hawaiian community is deep," said President Bro. Bernard J. Ploeger, SM, Ph.D. "More than 12% percent of our day undergraduate students are of Native Hawaiian decent. We are passionate about helping Hawaiian students here and abroad achieve their educational goals."

Federally recognized as a Title III, Native Hawaiian-serving institution, Chaminade University has received generous support from the U.S. Department of Education upgrading classroom facilities and infrastructure, including a complete renovation of the science labs. Chaminade continues to develop unique methods of addressing Native Hawaiian educational issues, such as its nursing program which includes as a major foci cultural competency and values to serve the Native Hawaiian community.

2nd Annual Community Development and Financing Conference...A Huge Success!
Friday, 01 July 2011

 Honolulu, Hawaii

The 2nd Annual Community Development and Financing Conference Kanu Me Ka Laulima Kakou -  Kamehameha Schools - Kapalama Campus - Ka'iwakiloumoku Hawaiian Cultural Center

Honolulu, Hawaii.  The first Kanu Me Ka Laulima Kakou - Community Development and Financing Conference sponsored by AINA (Auamo I Na Alaka'i) and Pacific Growth Associates (PGA) held in 2013 was proven a "huge success!"  and the 2014 Community Development and Financing Conference held at the Kapalama campus of Kamehameha Schools - Kaiwakiloumoku Hawaiian Cultural Center! exceeded the previous "huge success!" by "leaps and bounds!"

The opening plenary session of the first day included remarks from Bishop Estate Trustee Lance Wilhelm "welcoming everyone to the Kamehameha School - Kapalama campus and reiterated the purpose of the gathering place.

Followed by a "short and brief" talk given by AINA President Paul P. Richards which helped set the "tone of the conference" in which to continue "providing the vision necessary as a leader in our communities while providing guidance to our residents and people."  He paraphrased a commonly used Proverb, "where there is no vision, the people perish>'  A often quoted and misused proverb in a "business sense" can be applied in any context to whether or not meaning a "literal vision" or "in hopes of visualizing" what would be the best plan or hope for the people or one's constituents.  "In either case, the meaning is really applicable to the conversation at hand," pointed our Mr. Richards.

"What conferees gained from the first day of workshops and seminars provided an immense wealth of knowledge, how to and knowing where you're at..." perspective to the first-timers and the seasoned business owner or executive.

"We're here to provide support for everyone.  By a show of hands, please raise them if you're representing a Hawaiian homestead community or non-profit organization or a private business, enterprise or state agency."  asked AINA President Richards.  "by the show of hands, it's an indication that we have a 1/3 representation from each sector of the State here present today and each will wall away with a great perspective and increased in knowledge to make intelligent decisions." and "that's what this conference is all about!"

Conferee's are provided with online access to the following website to each of the workshop presentations including Gov. Abercrombie luncheon speech on Tuesday, March 25, 2014.  To access this information at:  www.ainallc.com.



WHHA Celebrates 2014 with Welcoming Dinner!
Tuesday, 21 June 2011

ImageWaimanalo, Hawaii.

The Waimanalo Hawaiian Homes Association (WHHA) celebrated the beginning of the new 2014 year with a "Welcoming Dinner" held on Monday, January 6, 2014 beginning at 6:30 p.m. at Ka Ho'oilina na Kuhio Community Center which was preceded by a "very short" meeting-announcement at 6:00 p.m. for all WHHA members and interested Waimanalo Hawaiian homesteaders.  

Various leaders from the Waimanalo and greater community including State Senator Laura Thielen attended and mingled with members of WHHA.

"I was happy and honored to be invited and looked forward to the opportunity to meet others in the Waimanalo homestead and community," commented Bruce Iverson, Manager, Reynolds Recycling Co. who attended the event along with Waimanalo Neighborhood Board Chairman, Wilson "Kekoa" Ho, "Its a fantastic opportunity to see everyone gathered together under no stress and just talking, meeting and eating the great Hawaiian food!"

WHHA Membership Committee chairwoman Lorraine Higa and WHHA Treasurer Marvelle Ku'ulei Laughlin greeted everyone as they entered and followed up with their membership status and updates.  "I just returned back from Moloka'i this morning and after a relaxing time with family and friends, I'm glad and happy to be back home," exclaimed Aunty Laurraine Higa.

Earlier that day, Department of Hawaiian Home Lands (DHHL) Deputy Director Darrell Young visited Ka Ho'oilina na Kuhio Community Center and its adjoining Community Technology, Education and Employment Center or "CTEEC" (Sea-Teck).  Hosted by Aunty M. Kuulei Laughlin, Deputy Director Young praised the project and the speed at which it is moving forward!  This information was shared with everyone that evening.


The Waimanalo Hawaiian Homes Association was founded by homestead residents who received lease awards from the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands (DHHL) its predecessor then under the administration of the Territory of Hawaii.  In 2013, WHHA celebrated its 75th Anniversary during Prince Kuhio birthday on March 26th and continues to live the vision he hoped to accomplish.

Welcome to the new internet home of the Waimanalo Hawaiian Homestead Association.  Take a look around to see all the on-line resources you have access to.
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