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"Kulia I Ka Nuu" 

Queen Emma was often considered "to fair" since her father married Hawaiian royalty and as a result was overlooked by fellow alii members.  With the passing of  her husband, she unsuccessfully tried to seek an appointment, but remained staunch in her efforts to complete the construction and building of what is now known as, Queen's Medical Center.

Hurricane Preparedness Encouraged for All Homesteaders and Residents

Waimanalo, Hawaii. 

The unpredictable weather occurences in and around Hawaii has "heightened the need for our residents to prepare" for the worse and hope for the best.  

We ask homestead residents to take precaution when remaining home during the storm and to protect "each other within your home and neighbors."  

     -  Practice "safety" ALL the time and during the coming days.

     -  Use COMMON SENSE when dealing with questionable and unsettling events, and

   -  CALL the local Fire Department if help is needed should you experience "roof damage" during the coming days,

     -  REMAIN AT HOME.  Once the storm has passed, the urge to "holoholo" around and observe any damage IS A BAD IDEA and DANGEROUS!  Besides, you may get "in the way" of rescuers and workers."

WHHA reissues the following message first displayed in 2011: 

In addition, WHHA always informs its membership to prepare for the upcoming hurricane season brings also the anxiety everyone encounters once the watch and warnings are announced and the possibility of the storm approaching near our State. 

WHHA encourages everyone to "prepare" a checklist and to begin "checking off" each item as soon as you can.  "Avoid wasteful spending, unneeded travelling and using your gasoline more wisely beforehand, rather than reacting last minute." commented WHHA President Paul Richards.  WHHA is recommending our homesteaders to begin planning for the worst and hoping for the best by stocking, preparing on some of these suggested items:

Battery or hand operated radio



Bottled water

First Aid kit

Personal medication

Hygiene and personal toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, toilet paper, etc.)

Extra clothes, towels packed in plastic bags

Footwear (extra slippers, athletic shoes, etc.)

Extra cash (ATMs and Credit-ATM purchases may be limited)

Butane stove and cartridges


Water jugs

Poly sheeting, tarps

Rope, duct and masking tape

Ensure important papers, documents are kept dry

For more helpful information, check out the following websites:

Family Emergency Plan

Hawaii State Civil Defense

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