2nd Annual Community Development and Financing Conference...A Huge Success!

 Honolulu, Hawaii

The 2nd Annual Community Development and Financing Conference Kanu Me Ka Laulima Kakou -  Kamehameha Schools - Kapalama Campus - Ka'iwakiloumoku Hawaiian Cultural Center

Honolulu, Hawaii.  The first Kanu Me Ka Laulima Kakou - Community Development and Financing Conference sponsored by AINA (Auamo I Na Alaka'i) and Pacific Growth Associates (PGA) held in 2013 was proven a "huge success!"  and the 2014 Community Development and Financing Conference held at the Kapalama campus of Kamehameha Schools - Kaiwakiloumoku Hawaiian Cultural Center! exceeded the previous "huge success!" by "leaps and bounds!"

The opening plenary session of the first day included remarks from Bishop Estate Trustee Lance Wilhelm "welcoming everyone to the Kamehameha School - Kapalama campus and reiterated the purpose of the gathering place.

Followed by a "short and brief" talk given by AINA President Paul P. Richards which helped set the "tone of the conference" in which to continue "providing the vision necessary as a leader in our communities while providing guidance to our residents and people."  He paraphrased a commonly used Proverb, "where there is no vision, the people perish>'  A often quoted and misused proverb in a "business sense" can be applied in any context to whether or not meaning a "literal vision" or "in hopes of visualizing" what would be the best plan or hope for the people or one's constituents.  "In either case, the meaning is really applicable to the conversation at hand," pointed our Mr. Richards.

"What conferees gained from the first day of workshops and seminars provided an immense wealth of knowledge, how to and knowing where you're at..." perspective to the first-timers and the seasoned business owner or executive.

"We're here to provide support for everyone.  By a show of hands, please raise them if you're representing a Hawaiian homestead community or non-profit organization or a private business, enterprise or state agency."  asked AINA President Richards.  "by the show of hands, it's an indication that we have a 1/3 representation from each sector of the State here present today and each will wall away with a great perspective and increased in knowledge to make intelligent decisions." and "that's what this conference is all about!"

Conferee's are provided with online access to the following website to each of the workshop presentations including Gov. Abercrombie luncheon speech on Tuesday, March 25, 2014.  To access this information at:  www.ainallc.com.



Funeral Services for Aunty Nickie Hines - Saturday, April 12th

Waimanalo, Hawaii.  The funeral services for Waimanalo homestead resident, Elaine Ahuna Hines more commonly known as, "Aunty Nickie" will be held on Saturday, April 12, 2014 at 11:00 am with viewing to precede at St. Matthew Church on Ehukai Street in Waimanalo.

Aunty Nickie a Waimanalo Hawaiian Homes Association (WHHA) Board member, former Commissioner of the King Kamehameha Celebration Commission representing WHHA, active St. Matthews Church members, historian and cultural - traditional Hawaiian practitioner and musician passed away leaving her husband, "Uncle Joe" her sons and daughter and many grand and great grandchildren.

"Aunty Nickie was always the person you could count on in making sure the needs of needy, house-less and struggling individuals and families were always met before her own needs," commented WHHA President Paul Richards.

"She was a grand lady and always was that person making sure everything was done and done right" added Aunty Moana Akana, WHHA Secretary.

Aunty Nickie worked for the City and County of Honolulu and provided valuable support to many elected officials and candidates.  Her involvement included political campaigns from mayoral, governor and congressional incumbents and candidates.  "Her vast knowledge of traditional Hawaiian music and cultural history was noted by WHHAA and was recognized recently.


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