WHHA and AINA Leadershp Participates in Hilo Conference

Waimanalo, Hawaii

The Department of Hawaiian Home Lands (DHHL) received grant funding for support of and in working with Hawaiian homestead leadership particularly those involved in agriculture and in expanding the communities capacity building opportunities.

During the three-day conference starting from Friday, August 5th to Monday, August 8th Hawaiian homestead community leaders were afforded an opportunity to learn and consider options available for them to consider.  For example the Hodson's from Waimea, Hawaii island share their work and efforts in designing, planning and implementing green house operations for growing tomato's, cucumbers and other vegetables as a major source of their income with others in their neighborhood and community.

"The amount of work, grant writing and every day caring for the plants was truly amazing to see and to learn from the Hodson's" exclaimed Roxanne Hanawahine, WHHA board of directors individual.

Other workshops were held ranging from panelists and trainers sharing their "successes" in their Hawaiian homestead communities and offering assistance and further training opportunities for those who are ready or willing to take the "first dive" in self-governance.


Primary Elections Reflects Community Participation

Waimanalo, Hawaii. 

The recent Primary Elections reflected the involvement of communities regarding their pro-active voting initiative and involvement with local issues.  The current trend which will help to improve voter turn-out is to enroll and register voters for absentee process that allows ballots to be mailed in.  "We're still researching and hoping the voter turnout for Waimanalo increased from the previous years," says Paul Richards.


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