WHHA and No Vote, No Grumble Encourages Voter Turn Out for 2014!



It's already too late to register, but if you're already registered to vote you can still sign up for "absentee" or get ready to vote at either City Hall or Kapolei Hale beginning October 21st!

Get out and vote! 

WHHA Encourages Safety During Upcoming Halloween

Honolulu, Hawaii.  The Waimanalo Hawaiian Homes Association (WHHA) is encouraging families and their children to be safe and observe traffic during the upcoming Halloween Trick or Treat on Friday, October 31st!

"The excitement of celebrating Halloween and having our little ones all dressed up for the celebration is a great time for parents to teach their children the caution and safety rules when visiting homes during the Trick or Treat season." commented WHHA President, Paul Richards.

Use or add to the following rules for safety and guidance:

-  Trick or treat in groups of 4 or more and for under age children (below 12 years of age, be sure to have one or more adult to accompany your group,

-  DO NOT EAT ANY OF THE CANDIES COLLECTED.  Wait to you arrive back home and have your parents "check and inspect" all items collected before unwrapping or eating any of them, especially "fruits, food items."

-  Be sure to set a time to return back home and  to establish a limitation on "how far and where the "end" of the street or boundary your group will stop and return back home,

-  Be sure to wear "reflective" costumes and to have a flashlight on hand.  

-  Use your cell or mobile phone in case of emergencies or to report anyone "threatening" you or your group during your tavels.



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